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Come to school for a few hours to eat lunch with your child and help out a few others. This is a fun, easy way to be in our school helping out while spending time with your child.

Most of all, our kids need positive male role models and they love interacting with a WatchDOG dad or guardian!

Click here to be a WatchDOG

Arrive at the office around 11 and sign in. Grab a watchdogs shirt. There maybe a task or two on the agenda but the main focus is recess.

11:20 Head to the small kids fenced in playground and goof off with the little ones. 

11:35-1:00 Head over the the big playground. Play some ball. Referee a game. Be impressed. 

Whenever your child has lunch, join them. 

2:00 (or a bit earlier) put the shirt back and head out. 

Ask teachers on the playground where they think you should go. Our job isn't to discipline. We're there to engage and lead. Help create a positive structure for the games the kids are playing. Different kids have different understanding of how the rules work. Encourage fair play. Recently, it's been some football, some soccer, some basketball, and more.

Here's the recess schedule:


First Grade


Fourth Grade


Third Grade


Fifth Grade


Second Grade