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Contact and Leadership

Our organizational emails have changed, but the old ones (which I'm not posting here) still work.

Henceforth, if you need to contact the Eakin School PTO our general email address is:


[email protected]


Please send mail to:

Eakin School PTO
2500 Fairfax Ave
Nashville, TN, 37212

Main Office at Eakin: 615-298-8076

If you want to know who is directing the PTO, or want to email someone directly:

President: Maria Amado                            [email protected]

Vice Presidents: Ali Cocco, Jurriaan Noij     [email protected]

Secretaries: Romy Frank, Sarah Parker       [email protected]

Treasurer: Billy Tatom                               [email protected]

Fundraising: Nikki King, Nancy Dickson      [email protected]

Spirit Store: Claire Kramer                        [email protected]

Room Parent Coordinator: Amanda Salmon       [email protected]

Teacher Appreciation Committee:           [email protected]

Dan Krause, Beth Fernandes, Clair McKeever-Burgett

Clubs Coordinator:  seeking                                [email protected]

Social Media: seeking                 [email protected]

Technical Master: Edwin Willmore            [email protected]        

Auction: seeking                    [email protected]

Carnival: seeking

Watchdogs: Edwin Willmore                   [email protected]

Garden: status unknown                          [email protected]

Sports: Edwin Willmore                             [email protected]