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MNPS generally doesn't provide sporting opportunities for students before grade 6. (They have started fall cross-country and spring soccer for grades 4 and 5.)

So it's up to us parents to figure any and all of this out. If you are a parent who coaches any sport in any league and want to find more Eakin students for your team email [email protected].

If your Eakin student wants help finding schoolmates to play on their team in any sport in any league, email [email protected].

Basketball Fall and Winter (WNSL):

If your child wants to play on an Eakin team in the West Nashville Sports League in either fall and or winter email [email protected]. Please provide the following: Student Name, Student Grade, Do you want to coach, interest in Fall session, Winter session, or both. It's best to have team rosters, coaching, and practice times arranged before registering. The PTO has reserved time on the Hilary Strickland Court (Eakin Gymnasium) for practice already. Team parents/coaches will be cooperating to schedule practice times this year.

Late Fall Basketball
Registration closed
Games from 10/28 through 12/9
Winter Basketball
Registration now until 12/1
Games from 1/6 through 2/24

This league is affordable and there’s financial assistance available. 

Below is a table of where we're at. I will update it as information comes to me.

Grade and sex number of teams so far coach(es) number of players  

Kindergarten Coed

2 Jerry Montgomery 14  

First Boys


Harley Morrissey




First Girls

1 Joey Dickson 10  

Second Boys


Second Girls

1 Coach Strickland    

Third Boys


Josh Ward (A)

Edwin Willmore (Alpha)

(A) 10

(Alpha) 10 


Third Girls

1 Robyn Mays and Jorge Wellman 11  

Fourth Boys

1 ? 4  

Fourth Girls


Edwin Willmore 

John Karijolich




Fifth Boys

1 Roy Clemmons and Lamont Bunch 12   

Fifth Girls

1 Heather Parker and Kelvis Thereze 10