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Eagle Flyer 8

Fall break came and went. Those first report cards came home. Fun Run just happened. 

I encourage everyone to have a lunch with their child before this second quarter is over. 

Here’s the school lunch schedule:

10:25-10:55 Kindergarten

11:00-11:35 Fourth

11:40-12:10 First

12:10-12:40 Second 

12:45-1:15 Fifth

1:15-1:50 Third

You can come any day of the week. Arrive maybe 10 minutes before your child’s lunch. You can park in the lot and check in at the main office. If you haven’t checked in before, make sure you have your drivers license, because the office needs to scan that. You can bring a lunch for you and your child or have them get the school lunch. After checking in, head to the cafeteria. The Eagle’s Nest is a small room on the left after you enter the cafeteria. Find a seat and wait for you child. They’re allowed to bring a friend if there’s room, and usually there is. Friday is usually the busiest day. You can sit in the main area too. If you’re a couple minutes late, no worries, just go find your child in the line. 

A sincere request:

An Eakin parent, Bobbilyn Negrón, wrote us saying:

 “…My son, Rafael Negrón Willey (Ms. Newman's 4th grade class) and I will be traveling to Cuba on November 4-10.  We will be bringing humanitarian needs and other items and learning more about their arts, culture and education system… It's not every day that folks travel to Cuba, especially public school students and our visit goes further than the tourist trip (which is great too) but with the short time we will be there we will meet other students and teachers, might even paint a mural.

We don't want to come empty handed and are bringing humanitarian needs, art supplies, meds, and recreational items that are very difficult for Cubans to obtain with the effects of the U.S embargo.”


We’ve set up a bin at the walkers entrance to collect such items if you can help their effort.

Here’s a flyer saying a more:  Cuba donations

That’s all for this week


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