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Eagle Flyer 3

Eagle Flyer week 3… things are heating up.  I’ll put the TL;DR points in bold.

This Saturday, it’s the Popsicle Playdates at Dragon Park:

Grades 2 and 3, 2-3:30 pm

Grades 4 and 5, 3:30-5 pm

For last Saturday’s K and 1 playdate, I brought 72 twin pops and other parents probably brought that many too. All were gone at the end, except for one sad sealed bag of Bomb Pop liquid. So if you can, bring some popsicles too. It will be hot even in the shade. I do promise it will be worth it.


This coming Tuesday, at 6pm in the Eakin Library, we will be having the first Eakin PTO meeting of the school year. Please come and find out everything your Eakin PTO has planned for the year. Enter on Fairfax.

Since this is the first meeting, I’ll sketch out the whole PTO for you in 5 minutes. Then I’ll beg everyone to get more involved.

What’s that? You already want to know how to get more involved with your Eakin PTO? Well great.

First of all, DoTwo is our slogan: that’s a hope that every Eakin family volunteers two hours a year to help run our numerous programs and events. See that Volunteer button at the bottom of this email?  Scroll down, I’ll still be here after you fill out the volunteer form at Did you click around and find out? There’s a lot more information coming to I’ll keep telling you to go look.

Second of all, some parents might have more than two hours to volunteer. If you are one of those parents, we need your help with leadership roles.

Yearbook: Especially if you have any history with design and layout, we need your help.

We’re bringing back the Eakin Theater program. If you are interested in helping in any way whatsoever, we need you. Eakin last had a spring musical planned for May of 2020. I will not speak of this. We’re restarting from scratch. Our auditorium just got new curtains, new carpet, a refinished stage, and new paint. We need Eakin Theater to warm our hearts with kids performing songs written for adults to sing and forgetting their lines.

If you’re into gardening and landscaping, we need you to help plan and implement landscape upgrades. Our shrubbery was devastated last summer and winter. MNPS removed 99 dead and 2 living shrubs the day before school started, and the 2 living shrubs weren’t about to win best-in-show at the state fair. All our azaleas are dead. We have a dead tree right next to the walkers entrance. You get the idea.

We don’t have a team planning the Carnival yet.

Many leadership roles need filling. As they come up, I’ll keep asking for people to put their name in the hat.  Email us if you are interested in taking on a leadership role: [email protected].

Your Eakin PTO is an expansive organization. It’s not a clique. It’s every parent. If your child goes to Eakin, you’re a member. And the purpose of the Eakin PTO is to build community, to support the school and students, and to provide student enrichment. The Eakin PTO is all of us.

Come to the PTO meeting on Tuesday, meet more parents, and find out how you can get involved helping make Eakin exceptional for all the students.

We will have a short Board Meeting before the main PTO meeting, Tuesday at about 5:45 also in the Eakin Library. Feel free to arrive early for the board meeting and watch us vote on a budget. The PTO is bound by bylaws, state laws, and MNPS agreements. Public board meeting announced beforehand, that’s a rule.

If you ever have any questions about how the Eakin PTO operates, just email me: [email protected].

All I do is PTO stuff these days, so I’d love to tell you all about it. My family doesn’t want to hear about it anymore.


Edwin Willmore

Your favorite and most reviled current Eakin PTO president

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