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'Twas the Night Before New School Year

'Twas the night before new school year

And all round the house

the children were stirring, and I said to my spouse,

“The kids need to bathe but they’re still watching a show

and a reasonable bedtime was an hour ago”

I said “Get ready for bed, you have school tomorrow”

“But we’re not tired” they whined with looks of great sorrow.

I appealed to their reason,  “You need to wake up early,

You need your sleep or you’ll end up quite surly.”

They grumbled and complained though they knew they were wrong,

But relented when I threatened to sing them a song.

Showers were taken, they even washed their hair.

The schoolbags were tossed by the door with no care.

Summer is over even though it’s technically still here,

And I turned into bed and considered the new school year.

See y'all tomorrow I hope.



After you drop you child off, come by the Eakin Auditorium for our annual Boohoo Yahoo Breakfast. There will be plenty of conversation, coffee, and bagels.

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